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About Us

About Us

Hi I’m Kent and I’ve been gardening and farming nearly all my life. As a child my parents gave me my own garden spot to do with what I wished. At that time we lived in the suburbs and traveled back and forth to the family farm on weekends. I grew pumpkins and sold them from the garage to neighborhood kids every fall. When there was garden surplus I loaded up my little red wagon with garden goodies and went around the neighborhood door-to-door. I now live on the family farm and sell garden goodies at a local farmers market.

Getting into the online business started with drawing a self-portrait sketch to put on Christmas cards. It said “Hoe! Hoe! Hoe!” under a guy working in the garden getting rid of weeds. Then I found iron-on t-shirt transfers. (A light bulb moment!) I put the design on a shirt I could wear to the farmers market where I sell my garden goodies. From one… came other ideas and more shirts like Visualize Whirled Peas for variety. Shoppers started commenting that I ought to be selling the shirts. A few shirts sold, nothing much really, but fun to have beside the veggies at market.

Then… whilst surfing the net in January 2005, I came across CafePress, it looked like a good fit for selling the designs on the net and maybe developing some other design ideas. Another good thing… they also did books. I had been gathering recipes at the market for years and been thinking they should really be put together into a recipe book. Yep!… I ended up with a recipe book to sell at market too. So… That’s how I became an online merchant.

Cassie is a friend who also has an interest in promoting the Peace message. She loves animals and also runs some online stores, like… Cassies Critters. She has joined with me in writing this blog.

We’re here to bring Peace (and Peas… and Peaceful Peas…) to you! 🙂

About Peace Peas… the blog!

The items featured in Peace Peas… the blog are things promoting Peace that Cassie and I have found from many different sources. Since these items are sold by many different companies, you will be dealing directly with that company if you purchase something. We do recieve a commission on some of the items.

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